1.         Scope of the Project:
            To reduce the immigration to the cities by increasing the life quality in the rural areas, to maintain the immigration which occurs and develops naturally at the minimum level.

2.         Objective of the Project:
            Republic of Turkey shows a picture which we think that it doesn’t deserve it; because of our thought and in order to contribute that Turkey catches the life quality which Turkey deserves, the Glass Lives Association (SIRYAD) has been established. SIRYAD has produced the “PROJECT ON VILLAGE RESPONSIBILITY” in the conscious that one of the most important reasons is that there are immigrations which occur and develop naturally from rural areas to the urban areas in order to find a healthy solution for the problems of lower quality lives similar to street children in the cities for the purpose of supporting the “Lives which Life Qualities are Lower” that are fragile and sensitive as much as the glass, consisting with its constitution objective.
            It is predicted that the immigration from village to city with the employment activity addressing to the age group of 0-22.
            In the relevant provision of the statute, consisting with the constitution objective of the association, as “SIRYAD, which supports the human lives who live under the bad conditions and assumes to act with solidarity with those lives without making the religion, language, race discrimination and unconditionally, aims to complete one missing of the society and that the people love each other unconditionally and aims the peace between the people”: as mentioned in the necessity of the project in detail, it takes the road to reduce the difference between the people to the minimum in respect of life quality which arises on the unconditional love and willingness foundations in order to integrate the people in our country at the first stage without expecting anything from governmental institutions and organizations.
            “PROJECT ON VILLAGE RESPONSIBILITY” aims to increase the life quality of a village that is selected and this study includes the activities of increasing the income level, culture/education levels and health level of the village and solving all problems that may be thought. The spin of this study is formed by standing near the villagers at all income / thought / behavior levels which the villagers perform in and out of the village and providing the help.

3.         Necessity of the Project:
            Turkey, which tries to change the manufacturing style from agriculture area to the industry area in a short period, takes part among the countries which their income levels are lower and are developing. This passage, which may be deemed as shorter for the social histories, has caught the Republic of Turkey unprepared because of the existence of directors who don’t have the prediction capability after 1940’s too; the cities of our country, which was unprepared for the fast passage, did not have infrastructure and irregularity, ex mero motu as well as not having plan. The Republic of Turkey, which is blessed and its roots are coming from the oldest race of the world and has been established by the endeavors of Great Teacher Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK and will “lasting forever” with the ruling system that is proper for it and independent, has become foreigner to itself under the dense cultural attacks as well as under all attacks as not using the cultural background that is coming from the past. When all those mistakes are put side by side, today’s picture occurs; the big differences appear between the people in respects of income levels, cultural levels, briefly the life qualities and thus, the visions, which no one supports others and destroys the integrity of the country, occur. Of course, the societies, which change their production systems, suffer by it, but many countries have changed their production systems before our country; those changes might be examined; one may have prevision and productive; so, all those pains and lacks might be overcame without causing the social wounds, not destroying the reliability of the government,
even increasing its existing reliability. Even if every revolutionary development catches the societies unprepared at the proportion which bearing the qualified minds, it may teaches the lessons to the countries where the similar changes would be performed, even if they don’t want, but – even if they don’t bear the qualified minds – they teach the lessons to the countries which have the staff who will understand, comprehend and adapt those lessons; unfortunately, our country could not use the benefits that might be handled during that fast change after 1938.
            In all aspects, as the urbanization concept – as the infrastructure and superstructure – is not sat down completely both as the community and governmental organizations/institutions, according to the social historians, the change of production system in a quite fast manner has caused that the lack has had an important negative impact on the life quality. The immigration, accelerated without establishing the urban incomes and creating the urban culture, has caused the people who immigrated defray the costs of lacks in the urban works as the infrastructure/superstructure of governmental organizations and institutions; and the decision on immigration of the people has caused both the government and themselves defray the costs of it without establishing the urban income / creating the urban culture.
            As a consequence, two life qualities, which think / act / have income more different than each other, have occurred, and the countries, which wanted to assess it and tried to apply the Treaty of Sevres and have and would not drunk the Republic of Turkey and its integrity in anytime, have concentrated their attacks. As we see, when we look at the near past of our country, those attacks introduce the destructive political / ethnicity, religious tendencies in the people who experience the different life qualities. The indigent lives, which don’t share those destructive thoughts/actions, angry and are hurt because of their situations. In this sense, the angers, violence, addictions of the street children show a sample.
            All these are experienced; we think that not doing something as the citizens of the Republic of Turkey will have the equal mean as burying our heads in the sand, because they are not independent from us, since we are not suffered by this case; in a day when we angry, we may address to our own children or we may be subjected to the violence. The people, who even their income levels are very well, must go out the street; the children, who have a very good income/education levels, must also go to the shopping centers; in this case, if they become the victim of the sudden anger – that there is similar event which was experienced before – then we may learn that we don’t have the sufficient sensitivity, only thinking ourselves is not sufficient and in fact, we deceive ourselves in a very painful way. We are not obliged to be suffered by those pains as the people/societies whom their mind is free, emotions are free; firstly, we are in the same boat as the citizens of the Republic of Turkey and should plug the holes in the boat in order to not sink; after we rescue this boat, we may and must help to all glass lives of the world.

4.         Scope of the Project:
            “PROJECT ON VILLAGE RESPONSIBILITY” includes the income level, culture/education level, health level, briefly all aspects of the village life. Increasing the income level includes the searching of production styles, searching of the production styles that may occur in the future for that village in the most proper way for now, searching the most proper productions which are applied to that village and arrangement of the cloth/food aids as becoming the benefit of the country. The contribution to the culture/education level includes the searching of the most proper solutions for that village, searching of evaluating the spare times in the most proper manners, information meetings on every subjects, opening the courses, enriching the library of village school, arrangement of the book aids, supporting of the village school in all aspects, arrangement of the activities such as theatre, music, etc. Increasing the health level includes the preventive medicine application, maintaining the village clinics in the active position, informing all village people with their children on the health rules, supervision studies by the physicians/dentists in the certain intervals, arrangement of the drug aids.

4.1.      Application place:
A poor village in Kastamonu.

4.2.      Economical dimension:
            The below drafts are established in order to contribute to the income level of the village and to increase the life quality:
            Increasing the income level,
            Searching the most proper production styles for the village,
            Searching of the alternate production,
            Searching of the most proper productions that are applied to that village and are the benefits for the country,
            Arranging the training studies on improving the living sources,
            Executing the studies addressing to the problem on drinkable and usable waters of the village,
            Studies on determining the immigration from village to city in situ,
            Arranging the studies on efficiently using the labor force,
            Arranging the cloth/food aids,
            Contribution to the Culture/Education,
            Searching on properly handling the spare times,
            Meetings on every subject,
            Opening the courses,
            Arranging the book aids,
            Arranging the activities on theatre, music, etc.
            Increasing the health level,
            Preventive medicine application,
            Informing all village people with their children on the health rules,
            Supervision studies by the physicians/dentists in the certain intervals,
            Arranging the drug aids,
            Searching the most proper solutions to be applied to the village.

4.3.      Health dimension:
            Studies on providing the health security to those who don’t have the health security,
            Providing the health security to those who are in poverty in the village,
            Studies on the treatment and education of the mentally retarded persons in the village,
            Giving information on the family planning,
            Starting the researches, necessary for caring the older people who are in the poverty in the village,
            Studies on informing the people who suffer by the blood pressure,
            Studies on increasing the health level,
            Studies on the application of preventive medicine,
            Studies on informing all village people with their children on the health rules,
            Studies on supervision studies by the physicians/dentists in the certain intervals,
            Training one woman and one man from the village on injection,
            Studies on arranging the drug aids.
4.4.      Education dimension:
            Contribution to the Culture/Education level,
            Meetings on giving all information about the Culture/Education,
            Opening the courses,
            Enriching the library of the village school,
            Arranging the book aids,
            Supporting the village school in all aspects,
            Searching on properly handling the spare times,
            Arranging the activities on theatre, music, etc.

5.         Estimated Amount of Project:
            Even it varies depending on the largeness of the village to be selected, it is estimated about €100.000.000. The predicted studies are indicated in the ATTACHMENT.

6.         Associations and Clubs which Support:
            The Nature Human Co-operation Association (DİİD) and Nature Sports Club of Those who Feel the Nature (DDDSK) have supported SIRYAD not only in the Project on Village Responsible but in all activities since the date when it was established.

7.         Communication: The below communication address shall be valid in all communications and negotiations related to this project.

    1. Communication address: Hasemek sitesi, 676 sok. No: 21/D Ostim / Ankara
    2. Phone: 0 312 395 25 00

Mobile: 0 532 373 66 40

    1. Fax: 0 312 395 25 41
    2. e-mail:
  1. Abstract of the Project, Conclusion:

            Everybody shares the same life area with the people who have the indigent life quality, under whatever life conditions; as the epidemic diseases in the people, who have the indigent life quality, may be spread to the people who live under the better conditions in any way, the anger actions of those, who sometimes show the anger/thought/actions and sometimes feel the abandonment, hurt and live under the bed living conditions and we share the same country/world, may harm to us/our families/countries. For the future of human being, of our country, of our families and for our own future, we should improve the living conditions of those who don’t have them. This project is the result of such endeavor.